The Tobacco Conspiracy Part 1/7

Posted on January 22nd, 2012 by admin1 in political marketing

A history of the tobacco industry’s lies and scams. From the US in 1953 to Africa today, the controversy between individual responsibility and corporate greed is portrayed in a lucid, undaunted manner.

From scientific frauds to working with organized crime, tobacco companies show their hidden agenda more clearly than ever in this theatrically released documentary.

More than three years of investigating all over the world has allowed Nadia Collot to decipher the attitudes of an industry that, in spite of many prevention campaigns still expands its power at the cost of public health. Three aspects of industry behavior are studied:

1. Scientific subversion: proof of the manipulation of scientific evidence and buying out of scientists to maintain controversy over the health issues related to smoking, but even more so today, related to environmental tobacco smoke.

2. Ideological subversion: whether it be through clever and disguised product placements on screen or TV, creating its own biased health messages, implementing subtle and ingenious marketing tactics or using political lobbying manoeuvres, the tobacco industry has gone to unbelievable extents to do what it says it never will.

3. Economic strategies: to develop as fast as possible, to infiltrate closed-market countries, to better reach the young and the poor, smuggling is one of the ways the industry has chosen to organize its international growth.

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19 Comments on “The Tobacco Conspiracy Part 1/7”

  1. Firelife3

    @MrTufflong wouldn´ … @MrTufflong wouldn´t help anything…1 more stuff for mankind to get addicted to.

  2. Watchmydust

    Can’t sell in the … Can’t sell in the USA…go to foregin countries…no one’s watching…Is this in English?

  3. peenishead

    i want smoke now… i want smoke now…

  4. bfmvshinigami

    @justyman Yeah, … @justyman Yeah, then smoke tobacco at your home. You do realize how harmful 2nd hand smoke is, right?

  5. justyman

    @bfmvshinigami For … @bfmvshinigami For someone who claims to smoke weed, you sure are hostile and awfully rude. Everyone is entitled to there opinion, you have yours and i have mine. And yes smoking is a very enjoyable experience for me, and yes i also smoke weed. Try a spliff its even better.

  6. bfmvshinigami

    @justyman Enjoy … @justyman Enjoy your tasting tobacco while I smoke quality dank and extend my life while protecting myself from cancer.

    If you feel smoking Tobacco is joyous experience, then you clearly haven’t smoked weed in your entire life.Might as well not give a about the law when you don’t care about dying, right?

    I can understand uneducated people in Indonesia smoking, but people who still smoke even after knowing the risks deserve to be slapped. Don’t ruin others health.

  7. justyman

    People smoke … People smoke because they enjoy it, smokers are aware of the risks. Life is short enjoy the little things. We all die from something or other. Smoke up. If any industry is evil its the food industry.

  8. elricaful

    on some …
    on some red man

  9. ericdisney1

    @printer342 thank … @printer342 thank you

  10. chepe371

    @MrTufflong BUT, … @MrTufflong BUT, dont put ur fkn tobacco clip in it, or u destroy its natural flavor and properties, and add to it an addictive agent that is NOT found in cannabis.

  11. TVScio

    @printer342 True … @printer342 True but the death rate hasn’t gone down since people have found out…soo this documentary is relevant still.

  12. judith27

    @cinesimonj @ … @cinesimonj @judith27 I haven’t watched the full documentary – just this part. And actually, a comparison would have been cool in my opinion, that’s what I meant. The main argument for smoking is they often behave in a moderate, relaxed way, which many people lack today. Mobbing can destroy a lot. From what I’ve seen, it appears to me that tobacco managers believed in their habit, and at the same time knew to sell a big lie. That’s an interesting dynamic for movies one would like being expanded.

  13. cinesimonj

    @judith27 It was … @judith27 It was not a comparison in the slightest..
    You can’t have actually watched the documentary.

  14. MetalheadMr666

    Ya know, i hate … Ya know, i hate tobacco companies. However, they do NOT force anybody to smoke there product. And Nicotine is not an addictive substance. When Nicotine reaches the brain, certain chemicals are produced as a result. The chemicals that are produced by the brain is what we get addicted to. I’m just saying…

  15. judith27

    Have disliked it. … Have disliked it. Seems not helpful to compare the 50s with today’s circumstances. This directness of speech in the meeting is Early 80s, ~cultural thing. Are ‘we’ living consequently ourselves? Compare topics like electrosmog, food supplements, plastic, use of antibiotics, brutality>industrial farming, overall level of mobbing/violence in society. It all stresses out +people till they need some drug as a valve, whatever it may be. And cruelly affects third parties which gives it a bitter taste.

  16. Jcolinsol


    nah, … @MrTufflong

    nah, just decriminalize it.

  17. printer342

    OoOoOo Big tobacco … OoOoOo Big tobacco lies. What else is new.

  18. WakingTheDemon132

    only eight likes?? … only eight likes?? out of 1,496? on the other hand no dislikes lol i gave a thumbs up too =D

  19. MrTufflong

    legalize weed. … legalize weed. nuff said.

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