Politics Marketing and the New Age

Posted on February 10th, 2012 by admin1 in political marketing

Politics marketing has changed a lot in the past decade. Before the invention of the internet, social media platforms and company websites, traditional campaign marketing existed. The traditional tactics worked in their respective time, but times have changed. New times call for new measures.

Political campaigns and marketing strategies have experienced a technological boost over the past decade. Traditional marketing methods designed to create voter awareness have been reinvented and optimized. Today, new age politics marketing is required by political campaigns more than ever because, chances are, opponent campaigns are utilizing reformed kinds of politics marketing that have the ability to reach hundreds of times more voters than traditional kinds.

A Campaign Without Modern Politics Marketing Loses

Marketing experts of the political persuasion have taken older forms of marketing techniques and enhanced them for the modern world. Older forms of marketing are antiquated and inefficient.

How about an example of traditional marketing vs. modern marketing? Let’s look at an example of direct marketing and how it has advanced over the past decade – particularly, direct mail marketing. Not too long ago, political campaigns found it most effective to reach out to voters through paper mail. Can you believe it! They relied on this and wasted tons of resources sending out mail that many people considered “junk” and never even looked at.

Politics marketing, today, especially regarding direct mail, is more refined and efficient. Through concise emails that send a clear message and don’t take up tangible space on the kitchen counter, marketing agencies that specialize in politics marketing are able to appeal to a vast amount of voters in a more efficient and becoming manner. Today, people are more likely to accept an email containing a campaign’s message than a piece of paper mail.

Needless to say, if a campaign doesn’t have a politics marketing team that knows how to reach the minds of the modern, technologically-savvy voter, it’s likely to crash and burn.

Political marketing tactics that were used in previous years can’t contend with the reformed ones. Politics marketing specialists are aware of what works in today’s digital age and what doesn’t work. Obviously, paper doesn’t work. Emails, websites and social media work and are more cost-effective. A campaign that depends on traditional forms of spreading the campaign’s message won’t succeed while in the company of campaigns utilizing modern marketing methods.

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